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Once you have received your bridal agreement, your date will be on what is called a “soft hold” for up to five days. During this time you will need to submit a $100.00 non refundable retainer. This retainer is credited toward your final balance, covering your travel fee. However, if I do not receive your bridal agreement within this time your date will be reopened for booking.



A flat $100.00 travel fee will be added when traveling on location (no travel fee within 10 mile radius from my Salon). The travel fee is subject to change when two or more stylists are needed onsite. An additional $100 fee is added for 7am or earlier start time. For destination weddings or distances where overnight accommodations must be made, hotel and flight will be the responsibility of the contract holder.


Tolls & Parking

Where a location involves toll or parking fees, the contract holder is responsible for covering these expenses.


Pricing, fees & Payments

A final invoice & timeline will be emailed 30 days before the event date, usually a few days after the trial run. Pricing & fees include:

  • Pricing is subject to change if services require more than one stylist. 

  • An additional fee for unusually thick hair or intricate styling requests, including hair extensions.

  • A 15% gratuity is added to the grand total in services. 

Remaining balance is due on the wedding day. Payments are accepted in the form of Cash, PayPal or Venmo.


Headcount Changes

Changes to the headcount can only be made up to 30 days before the event date. Any last minute additions to the headcount will only be added if time permits. I try to accommodate the wedding party as much as possible. This helps to ensure everyone is ready on time and that there is not a feeling of being rushed!


Contracted Date

Your bridal agreement can be cancelled up to 60 days before your event date with a full refund not including the non refundable retainer. If a cancellation occurs less than 60 days all payments previously made will not be refunded.

Wedding Day

I will arrive 15 minutes early before the scheduled time. This is for setting up so the room/venue needs to be accommodated. A schedule timeline will be created for the bride detailing what time & who will be getting ready in what order. This will be given 30 days in advance so there will be time to make changes and adjustments as needed.


Rules & Regulations

Personal use of stylist products is prohibited. This includes hair tools, hair products, makeup products, bobby pins, elastics, etc. All guests are required to inform the stylist of any skin allergies or conditions. The stylist will not be held responsible for any reactions to products. 


Social Media & Photography

When any photos are taken by a stylist, you are giving them permission to use the photos online for portfolio purposes. Stylists will not share the finished results until 24 hours after the wedding day.

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