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Service Pricing

Sessions are ALL INCLUSIVE which means they include the following at no EXTRA cost: 

  • Gratuity;  

  • Luxury spa experience, treatment with hot steam, relaxing scalp massage;

  • Your choice of essential oil aroma;

  • Your perfect customized haircut, style, & personal styling lesson (not included with Analysis only);

  • Education on holistic hair care practices & product knowledge (Cost of customized take home hair care routine is not included)

Please note all pricing is based on $100/hour priced rate. All timing starts at your scheduled appointment time/when we start your consultation to end of services when we check you out. If services are not a full hour it will be based of the neared 30 min increments.

Still confused?

Here's a breakdown:

1 hour $100

1.5 hours $150

2 hours $200

2.5 hours $250

3 hours $300

3.5 hours $350

4 hours $400

Price could vary if you have - Longer hair, thicker hair or desire a drastic color transformation that may require additional time and, in some cases, more than one session to protect the integrity of your hair.


Kristi will sit down with you and create a tailored plan for your hair to fit your lifestyle & budget. All guests are seen one at a time so you will never have to share your appointment with anyone else.


Enlarge a woman's scalp with a magnifying glass

Hair + Scalp

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