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Hair Loss + Scalp Health

Hair is far more complex than it appears on the surface. Every hair is in a different stage of growing, resting and falling out. Just like the skin on your face, we need to keep your scalp clean & hydrated.

Hair Loss prevention starts at the scalp!

Book your Analysis today!

Picture of holistic hairstylist Kristi Wood using microscope on guests scalp to analyze.

Hair + Scalp

This holistic hair service I will use a microscope to analyze your hair & scalp to determine root causes. We will go over:

  • Genetics

  • DHT

  • Scalp Hygiene

  • Products

  • Diet

  • Medication

  • Mineral Deficiencies

  • Hormones & Thyroid

  • Stress & Styling.

We will talk about different solutions for you hair loss. After your appointment you will be emailed with more information on your specific hair & scalp issues, your customized products, routine & lifestyle recommendations.

*This evaluation is not covered by insurance.

*1 hour Analysis ONLY $100

*2 hour Analysis + Haircut PLUS $200

*You also may want to budget $100-200 in a customized take home haircare routine & nutritional supplements.

(please note: Kristi does not specialize in clipper cuts or pixie cuts)

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