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The best part of my career has always been about helping my guests feel and look beautiful. As a Holistic Hairstylist, I am committed to using products and practices that are better for the environment, our community, myself, and you.


I do NOT provide services such as, "bleach-on scalp," or, "one-day transformations," as I believe it will affect the integrity of your hair. We can absolutely get you to your hair goals; just not in one session. Together we will make a plan to achieve your hair goals while keeping the integrity of your hair intact.

Skin care products contain hundreds of chemicals, each gripping to our skin. The more mindful we are of the chemicals on our skin and our children's, skin, the more we can enrich our skin health. When it comes to hair and scalp health, I strive to fulfill my duty to educate myself so I can better assist my guests with their hair-care needs.

Over a decade-long licensed cosmetologist, I am committed to attending advanced education courses monthly. I have completed many education courses and pride myself on certifications I have obtained in the industry. My accomplishments will continue to grow to provide the best services, knowledge and experience for my guests.


I have spent 10 wonderful years being married to my introverted, very tall and handsome husband. Together we have our two daughters, Lilly & Sophie, New 2 month old boy Lincoln and our two dogs, Timber & Forest.

We spend our Sundays at church. We binge watch The Office, Impractical Jokers or HGTV. Our dream is to one day buy land and build our farm home. On our days off you will find us catching up on house work, playing with the kids or working on our 102 year old home, exploring nature hiking trails or at a Royals game.

My friends call me a crunchy mom due to my cloth diaper collection, kombucha obsession and organic lifestyle. I am also an organizing nerd and can't live a day without my weekly planner & to-do lists.


When I need to relax, either getting outside playing with the kids or a self-care day without kids involves a massage, hair skin & nail appointment, or soaking in the hot Empson Salt & Essential Oil's bath.

I have chosen to work closely with Innersense Organic Beauty, View Davines Pro Color Line, and Keune So PURE Permanent Hair Color and Hair Care Line.

Not only am I mindful on the ingredients in products, but I am also passionate about the environment and how I can create less waste. I love finding new ways to be more GREEN at home, in my career and educating my guests.

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